How to join a group on SplitPal?

Firstly, you can’t join a group on SplitPal on your own. You’ll need a member of the group to invite you. And here, we’re going to tell you how.

If you are using our application from a desktop computer, you need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, the member needs to log in to his/her account from SplitPal’s web page:
  • Then the member goes to the home page, and clicks “Share Link.” By that means, they will get a unique connection link (you can see an example below).
  • Then, they will be able to send you the link via email, and any other chat platform as well.

Screenshot in where user getting a link to join group SplitPal
A group member can send you a link like these from every platform.

If you are using our application from your phone, you need to follow the exact same steps.

  • One group member opens SplitPal, and taps on the “Share Link” option.
  • Then chooses any platform available to send the link.

It’s that easy to join a group on SplitPal. Just one more thing: Do not share this link with anyone you don’t know or trust. Besides the “You might also enjoy” section, you can find related topics that you may be curious about below.

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