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Our Expense Sharing Application

SplitPal has One Mission!

To deliver an app with no Sign up required, that’s feature packed without the premium price tag.

  • Quickly add expenses with one click using the quick expense feature
  • No registrations or sign-ins required
  • Receipt scanner with precise OCR: you don’t need to enter each item one by one. Simply scan your receipt and it’s there to split!
  • Collaborate as a group with a simple shareable link.

One click to pay what you owe with VENMO link

SplitPal is the only app you need for shared expenses, Expense splitting, Bill Splitting, cost splitting, roommate expenses, scanning receipts, shared budget, bill sharing, cost sharing, check splitting the use cases are endless SplitPal is your shared budget app! Split expenses between your groups, friends, family, roommates, coworkers for groceries, outings, trips, weddings, travel, road trips, business trips and any other events. This is not complicated – you just dive in and start splitting. Split does all the math. SplitPal makes it simple to split expenses with the least amount of transaction.

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