How do I undo a settlement?

You can undo a settlement simply by tapping the red undo icon on the settlements screen. This will add the settlement amount back to the debt updating you balance accordingly. Note that if you have already paid the person (for example via Venmo, cash, google pay, cashapp or some other means) you would have to […]

How do I send money via Venmo?

SplitPal users in the U.S. can transfer money via third-party payment app Venmo, after clicking the “Venmo” button to pay a friend. If your base currency is USD you will notice a Venmo button next to “mark paid” in the settlement screen. Clicking that will take the user to venmo portal (a webapp or a […]

How do I remove a person from a group?

To remove someone from a group please ensure the following: And then navigate to the participants page by tapping the participants menu icon (on the button menu) Tap on the person’s name that you’d like to remove Select the option to remove them from the group.

How do I add a new person to a group?

On Mobile app: First, navigate to your group, tap the participants Icon on the bottom menu. Then, tap “add participant”, enter the name and click “add”.

How to join a group on SplitPal?

Firstly, you can’t join a group on SplitPal on your own. You’ll need a member of the group to invite you. And here, we’re going to tell you how. If you are using our application from a desktop computer, you need to follow these steps: If you are using our application from your phone, you need to […]

How to delete a group in SplitPal?

Here is what you need to know to delete a group in SplitPal. If you are using our application from a desktop computer, you need to follow these steps: If you are using our application from your phone, you need to follow these steps to delete a group in SplitPal: And do not forget that […]

How do I create a group?

You can create a new group from the web app, IOS or android mobile app. On the web: On iOS or Android Mobile App: Note: if you are not logged in and did not save the link to the group, you may permanently loose access to your created group

Tips for splitting expenses in groups with couples

At SplitPal we often get questions about how to split bills in groups that contain couples who would want to pay for their expenses together. This is completely possible and very easy to achieve. After putting down all your expenses, you can simply “link” the desired participants by clicking “Link them” button in the settlement […]

Help, I can’t reset my password!

Having trouble resetting your password? Here a few things to try: 1) Make sure you’re using the correct email address: many people have multiple email addresses, and try to reset their password using the wrong address (e.g. their Gmail account instead of their .edu account). 2) Be patient! Password reset emails may take a few […]