How do I undo a settlement?

You can undo a settlement simply by tapping the red undo icon on the settlements screen. This will add the settlement amount back to the debt updating you balance accordingly. Note that if you have already paid the person (for example via Venmo, cash, google pay, cashapp or some other means) you would have to […]

How do I send money via Venmo?

SplitPal users in the U.S. can transfer money via third-party payment app Venmo, after clicking the “Venmo” button to pay a friend. If your base currency is USD you will notice a Venmo button next to “mark paid” in the settlement screen. Clicking that will take the user to venmo portal (a webapp or a […]

How are debts calculated?

Debt simplification (a.k.a. “simplify debts” or “debt shuffling”) is a feature of Splitpal that restructures debt within a groups and across friendships. It does not change the total amount that anyone owes, but it makes it easier to pay people back by minimizing the total number of payments.