Help, I can’t reset my password!

Having trouble resetting your password? Here a few things to try: 1) Make sure you’re using the correct email address: many people have multiple email addresses, and try to reset their password using the wrong address (e.g. their Gmail account instead of their .edu account). 2) Be patient! Password reset emails may take a few […]

How do I use Splitpal?

Splitpal is an app for splitting expenses with your friends. It lets you and your friends add various bills and keep track of who owes who, and then it helps you to settle up with each other. Here’s a quick overview of how it works. First things first: you don’t have to sign in or […]

Does Splitpal support “debt shuffling”?

Screenshot of of debt simplification process SplitPal handles through shuffling of amounts owed

Yes – Debt shuffling is a feature that is automatically included in the calculations. Debts are simplified by amounts owed. If Person A owes Person B $20 for one expense and person B owes Person A $15 for another expense, the amount owed will be simplified person a would owe person B $5 after the […]