SplitPal: The Perfect App for Roommate Expense Tracker

Managing finances is already challenging, but when you’re sharing living space with roommates, keeping track of expenses can be a whole new level of complexity. A roommate expense tracker is vital for everyone’s peace of mind and to prevent money conflicts between roommates. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: SplitPal. SplitPal is an expense-tracking […]

How to Split Bills When Married

Either married or not, as a couple SplitPal may help you dealing your expenses easier

How to Split Bills When Married: Finding a System that Works for You and Your Spouse Marriage is a partnership, and managing finances is one of the most important aspects of any partnership. However, it can be a major source of conflict if not handled properly. Splitting bills when married can be a challenge, especially […]

How to Make Expense Sharing Simple and Stress-Free

A group splits their expenses using SplitPal and sharing with each other through a single click!

How to Make Expense Sharing Simple and Stress-Free: A Guide to Easy Budgeting Sharing expenses with friends, family, or roommates can be a great way to split the cost of living expenses, group vacations, or even dining out. However, managing shared expenses can quickly become a source of stress and conflict if not handled correctly. […]

Expense splitting use case: How to split a bill at a restaurant?

Splitting expenses never been easier before! Use SplitPal OCR functionality to share your cost.

If you’re out to eat with a group of friends or family, you may find yourself in the situation of needing to split the bill. Splitting a bill at a restaurant can be tricky, especially if you are trying to divide it evenly or allocate certain items to specific people. Tips for splitting a bill […]

The Benefits of Sharing Travel Expenses for Group Vacations

Group of young friends sitting enjoying their vacation without thinking about how to settle their travel expenses.

Group vacations are a great way to have fun and make memories with friends and family, but travel expenses can also be a source of stress and confusion when it comes to splitting expenses. With everyone contributing money for flights, accommodations, food, and activities, it can be difficult to keep track of who owes what […]

What is expense sharing? Can apps do it for me?

Expense sharing apps are used to prevent complicated group bllls.

The importance of splitting expenses Expense sharing is the practice of dividing costs or expenses among a group of people. This can be done for a variety of purposes, such as splitting the cost of household expenses among roommates, dividing the cost of a group vacation among friends, or allocating business expenses among employees or […]

Expense Splitting Use Case: Sharing Expenses With Your Friends

Don't let the situation get tricky with your friends. Use SplitPal to fairly share expenses and share through your friends.

Sharing expenses with friends can be a tricky situation, especially when it comes to splitting the bill evenly and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This is where an expense splitting app can come in handy, making the process of dividing costs simple and straightforward. In this article, we’ll explore how you can […]